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Williams-Sonoma Doughnut Twist Pan

Williams-Sonoma Doughnut Twist Pan

I like all kinds of donuts, but will always have a soft spot in my heart for the twisted variety, as the donut shop closest to my house growing up was known for their exceptionally light, yeast-raised twist donuts and I indulged in them whenever I could. I enjoy making baked donuts these days and have a couple of pans in my pantry that make them in various sizes, though most are round. If you happen to be a fan of both twisty donuts and baked donuts, consider adding this Williams-Sonoma Doughnut Twist Pan to your own pan collection. The nonstick pan allows you to bake eight donut twists easily – no shaping dough or frying required. Of course, the shapes don’t have the same exact pull-apart twist that traditional fried donuts do, but they come darn close and offer a more fun eating experience (for me, anyway) than regular round donuts do. Simply fill the cavities up about 3/4 full with your favorite baked donut recipe and let them bake. The twist will mostly be on one side of the donut – unlike the image above suggests – but that is more than enough to get a great presentation going when you have the donuts all plated up for serving.

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