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Celebrate with Chocolate: Totally Over-the-Top Recipes

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Celebrate with Chocolate: Totally Over-the-Top RecipesYou don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a chocolate dessert, but special occasions often call for one because it never hurts to have something both decadent and impressive when celebrating. In Celebrate with Chocolate: Totally Over-the-Top Recipes, you’ll find plenty of recipes that will satisfy your craving for chocolate and put the perfect finishing touch on any event you might be celebrating.

The book begins with an detailed introduction to the equipment, tools and ingredients that you might want to stock in your kitchen. Chocolate work doesn’t necessarily require a lot of specialty tools, but it does require specific tools that will make your work process a lot easier. The introduction is relatively short, so you get to the recipes quickly. They are divided into four categories: Cakes, Cookies, Frozen Desserts, and Mousses, Candies and Other Chocolate Treats. Each dessert is accompanied by a brief description of the treat and many are supplemented with stories about the occasion for which it was originally served. That doesn’t mean that you need to earmark that particular recipe only for retirement parties or holidays, but it’s fun to have a specific event to connect them to – connections that might inspire you in the future! The recipes are carefully written and very detailed. Some of the recipes, primarily the cakes, involve multiple components and may take a little longer than your average cake to put together, but deliver results well worth waiting for. Other recipes, such as the cookies, are straightforward to make, but full of flavor.

I like that this book offers such a wide range of recipes and uses a wide range of chocolate dessert techniques, as it means that you’re going to get much more interesting desserts. Some books simply offer variations on a theme and produce similar (sometimes delicious, but still similar) recipes. Here, you get a lot more variation and all the recipes seem very accessible, giving you the confidence that you can produce delicious and show-stopping creations for any occasion, even if it is just an after dinner treat.

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