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Wilton Twist Quick Coupler

When I am working with tips, doing a little cake decorating, I either try to work with the most versatile tip that I have or I set up a few different pastry bags with a different types of tips, so I can easily use different tips. Changing the tips on a pastry bag can be a hassle because it is a messy job – especially if you happen to put your tip on the inside of your pastry bag, a method that lots of us use because it is quick. Wilton’s Twist Quick Coupler is a nifty coupler that is designed to make changing out your pastry tips easier than before. It’s a four piece set. The first piece goes into your pastry bag, and everything else attaches from the outside, holding the tip of your choice in place where it is easy to change out. They made the connecting screw threads extra large, so it is even easier to attach all the pieces – even if your hands are sticky from working with cake or icing. You can watch a video on how the coupler works from Wilton to see how all the pieces fit together. The final piece of the set is a lid that you can twist into place to make an airtight seal over the end of your pastry bag (once the tip is removed), so that extra icing will stay fresh if you have to set it aside or store it for a while before using, too .

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  • Holiday Baker Man
    September 20, 2013

    Pretty cool!

  • Dana Martin
    November 30, 2013

    I have used these quick couplers and they’re great. I use them with royal icing for my gingerbread houses at Christmas time. They make decorating a lot easier.

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