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Bites from other Blogs

  • Stone fruit season is upon us and that means that you should be incorporating peaches, plums and other wonderful fruits into some of your summer desserts. Courtney’s Kitchen baked up an easy Peach Blueberry Crisp that showcases both of these wonderful fruits. The crisp is very easy to make, with a base primarily made of fruit and only lightly sweetened (because in-season fruits are so naturally sweet) and a topping made with brown sugar, oats, flour and coconut oil. The dish could be served for breakfast or paired with ice cream as a more indulgent dessert.
  • Yummy Workshop is also using stone fruit for a fantastic Maple Bourbon Roasted Peach Galette. To make this tart, you need to start with some fresh peaches, which are drizzled with maple syrup and bourbon before being lightly roasted in the oven. You want to ensure that they still hold their shape so that you can neatly arrange them on a homemade pastry crust before the final trip to the oven. This simple tart looks – and tastes – so sophisticated that you’ll probably start getting requests for another one as soon as the first one is served.
  • If you enjoy traditional creme brulees, you should consider branching out to try this no-so-traditional Creme Brulee Cupcake from Bear Naked Food. The fluffy vanilla cupcakes are topped with a homeamde pastry cream that is piped into place and bruleed with a kitchen torch before serving. They’re fun to make and even more fun to eat, as you get crisp burnt sugar, creamy pastry cream and tender vanilla cake in every bite. If you want something a little more decadent, you can pipe a little of the pastry cream into the center of your cupcakes before finishing them off.
  • My Evil Twin’s Kitchen is indulging in some No-churn Dulce de Leche Ice Cream this week. I happen to be a huge fan of easy-to-make no churn ice creams and this one sounds like a winner. The base recipe uses dulce de leche and cream cheese, lightened with plenty of whipped cream. It is swirled with more dulce de leche and studded with toffee bits. It delivers tons of rich dulce de leche flavor in every spoonful and required no ice cream maker to make. Win, win.
  • Over at Modern Tiki, there is a great tutorial on How to Easily Open a Young Coconut. You’ve probably seen these in the fruit section of your local market, but you may not have been sure how to open them, as it’s definitely not obvious from first glance. Fortunately, it is much easier to get into that coconut than it looks and the (small) effort is well worth it because they are full to the brim with fresh coconut water and tender coconut meat. There were just about two cups of water inside of this one coconut and it was cheaper, tastier and more fun to get to it than simply buying packaged coconut water.
  • Recipe Throwback: One of my all-time favorite summer recipes is this one for Cumin-Glazed Grilled Ribs with Pineapple Salsa. Not only do I make it every year (at least a couple of times) during the summer grilling season, but I’ve been known to make it in the off-season to get a taste of summer, as well. The ribs are absolutely delicious and the salsa is fantastic even on its own. If you haven’t grilled ribs before, now is the time to start!

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