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Emile Henri Mini Pizza Stones

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Mini Pizza Stones

Pizza stones, or baking stones, are a great tool to have in the kitchen for baking breads and pizzas. They’re large, flat stones that you put into your oven before baking. The stones, which can be made out of a variety of materials, retain a lot of heat and help give your pizza that perfect crispy crust in any home oven. Pizza stones tend to be quite large and difficult to handle. Some are designed with handles to go from oven-to-table for serving, while others are simply too heavy and bulky to pull out of the oven when they’re still hot.

Emile Henri’s Mini Pizza Stones are a set of smaller pizza stones that deliver the same baking power as their larger counterparts, but in a much easier to handle format. They’re made of very durable Burgundian clay, which is fairly lightweight, and are finished with Emile Henri’s proprietary Flame glaze, which gives the stones a beautiful look and easy to clean surface. Each stone is just 10-inches in diameter, which allows you to make pizzas to serve one or two very easily, and the molded handles will give you a good grip when you take them out to serve. The set of two will fit easily into most ovens, although they can also be used one at a time as long as you leave them in the oven to preheat before using them.

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  • rainey
    June 13, 2013

    I love, love, love EH’s Flame ceramic. I have casseroles which are lighter than comparable pottery casseroles and really do go directly on a HOT flame.
    The large tagine is FANTASTIC for baking bread. The high lid lets me load the dough easily into a super hot container and still be able to slash the crust for optimal rise. The steamy environment makes for wonderful crunchy crusts. And, of course, it’s great for braising.
    And I have the big rectangular grilling platform. I have a larger, thicker pizza stone I keep in my oven cavity all the time but the griller (same thing, different shape) goes directly on my BBQ for things like fish and veggies that would, otherwise, be difficult to turn or that I might lose from falling apart. It can also take much higher heat than a porous stone. I lost several to the heat of the BBQ before EH came out with theirs. I’ve also broken Flameware with heat on the BBQ too but it can take all the heat my ovens can pump out!
    I also love the convenience and attractiveness of their tarte tatin pan. I also use that for serving hot hors d’oeuvres ’cause it retains it’s heat and helps keep them warm. But I’m not sure they’re still making that. In any case, any flat Flameware — like the pizza stones — could be used that way too.

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