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Bites from other BlogsWinter is citrus season and bright, zesty citrus recipes are a wonderful way to beat the winter blues. These recipes will get your new year – rain or sleet or snow – started off on the right note.

  • This elegant Lemon Mousse Tart from Kitchenlicious is the dessert to make if you’re looking to impress! The tart starts with a buttery almond pastry dough that is filled with almond cream and topped with lemon curd mousse. A small quanitity of the curd can be reserved and placed in the center of the mousse for an extra burst of lemon flavor, if desired. The whole thing is topped with a gorgeous white chocolate done that is easier to make than you might think and a technique worth playing with if you enjoy working with chocolate.
  • Two in the Kitchen also has some lovely Lemon Tartlets to share and these are bite-sized! The tartlets start with a pastry dough that is baked in mini muffin pans to create the crust. The cooled shells are filled with a fluffy lemon filling that delivers lots of fresh, bold lemon flavor. These tarts can be prepared in advance, as they are best when refrigerated overnight before serving.
  • Lemon also makes an appearance in Cooking me Softly‘s White Chocolate Lemon Crinkle Cookies. The soft, cakey cookies have both fresh lemon juice and zest in them. The citrus contrasts very well with the sweet white chocolate chips that are also in these cookies. To get the crinkle effect, roll the cookie dough in confectioner’s sugar before baking.
  • Oranges and lemons typically dominate citrus desserts, but they’re not the only citrus fruit you can use! If you have some fresh grapefruits on hand, give Baked by an Introvert‘s Grapefruit Pie with Honey Whipped Cream. The filling is rich and tangy, with plenty of fresh grapefruit juice and zest! It’s a refreshing change of pace from other citrus desserts. Honey and grapefruit pair well together in general and this pie is no exception, as honey is used to sweeten the whipped cream on top of each slice.
  • You’ll find more sweet-tart grapefruit flavor in the Small Batch Grapefruit Jam cooked up by Seasons & Suppers. This jam is made with pink grapefruits and sugar – and that is it! The grapefruits are peeled and segmented to remove all of the less desireable parts of the fruit, then the segments are cooked with the sugar until the jam begins to set. You’ll need a candy thermometer to ensure that your jam reaches the correct temperature, but the jam should take less than an hour from start-to-finish before you can dig in and eat some!

And if you want even more citrus, take a peek at the Yuzu Coconut Cupcakes or the Blood Orange Brownie Sandwich Cookies from my archives! Both are delicious and offer completely unique ways to enjoy some wonderful citrus fruits.

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