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Chocolate therapy

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choc therapy bookAre you a chocoholic? What would your dream job – a chocolate related one – be? Working as a chocolate-taster is one possibility that springs to mind, although crafting exotic truffles at a high-end chocolate shop sounds quite appealing as well. Julie Pech is a woman who just might have the most intriguing chocolate-related job of all. She is a chocolate therapist.

There are many health benefits attributed to chocolate and cacao’s high antioxident content. Julie’s theory, on which she has written a book, The Chocolate Therapist, is that you can improve your health by getting the maximum nutritional benefit from the chocolate you eat. The bonus is that, in the process of getting healthier, you will eat a substantial amount of chocolate. Pech’s regime includes roughly 2-oz per day of dark chocolate, cacao nibs and other chocolate products, along with a number of cocoa butter body products for skin health. She travels around the world (with a standing engagment on Norwegian Cruise Lines) to promote the health benefits of chocolate and also teaches a course on it at the Colorado Free University in Denver.

If therapists, chocolate or otherwise, aren’t your thing, but you still find chocolate to be theraputic, you might want to head to a local Ben & Jerry’s to see if they have the limited edition Chocolate Therapy ice cream available.

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  • antioxident
    March 31, 2008

    Basically the term antioxidant refers to substance that will help to slow or halt the oxidation process. These antioxidant effectively improves the immune system and defends degeneration.

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