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Bites from other Blogs

  • When it comes to making fruit cobblers, you can use one type of fruit in your filling to get good results, but can mix and match multiple fruits to create more memorable desserts. In Aho’s Homemade Food‘s Peach & Apple Crumble, two of the most popular crumble fruits combine for a dessert that everyone is sure to enjoy. The filling uses fresh tart apples and peaches, with only a touch of sugar and cinnamon. Ripe summer peaches are sweet enough to balance out the tart apples. The tart has both a tender crust and a buttery crumble topping, too.
  • One of the wonderful things about homemade gelato is how versatile it can be. Fran Costigan used coconut milk as the base of a rich Vegan Chocolate Espresso Gelato. Though coconut milk has a mild flavor of its own, you won’t be able to pick it out from behind layers of bittersweet cocoa powder, instant espresso and vanilla. The gelato is smooth, richly flavored and ideal for any coffee-lover. You will need an ice cream maker to make it, and I highly recommend picking one up if you are an ice cream lover so that you can make it easily on a regular basis.
  • Another recipe for coffee-lovers comes in the form of Sweet Cannela‘s Coffee Addict Bundt Cake, which is flavored with both brewed coffee and instant espresso powder. If you’re worried that the cake might be a little too intense with all that coffee, don’t worry. It also uses plenty of sugar and a splash of vanilla to round it out. The cake is, however, topped with a very flavorful coffee glaze for even more coffee flavor. Feel free to sub out the glaze for chocolate, if you’re more of a mocha fan.
  • Several different desserts were the inspiration for this No Bake Banana Cream Pudding Cheesecake, which was shared by Mom on Time Out recently, including cheesecake, banana cream pie and banana pudding. It is a multi-layered affair that takes a little while to assemble, but is well worth the work – and since it needs to chill, it is easy to prepare in advance. It starts with a vanilla wafer crust, plenty of bananas and a layer of creamy cheesecake. Those thrree would make a nice dessert on their own, but this one also includes a layer of homemade vanilla pudding and fluffy whipped cream. Banana chips make a fun garnish for the top of the cake before serving.
  • Recipe Throwback: My Apple Crumb Coffee Cake gets its sweet crumb topping from an unusual source: breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs combine with brown sugar and butter to make a delicious streusel that is impossibly easy. Here, it sits atop a cinnamon and ginger-kissed apple cake, but the same technique can be used for a variety of other cakes and baked goods.

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  • Cheryl
    July 29, 2016

    Read the recipe for the Peach-apple crumble. What is icing sugar and vanilla sugar. Substitutions?

  • Nicole
    July 29, 2016

    Hi Cheryl,

    Icing sugar is powdered sugar (confectioners’ sugar). Vanilla sugar is sugar that has been infused with vanilla extract or vanilla beans. You can buy it in some specialty stores, or make it with my recipe: http://bakingbites.com/2007/05/how-to-make-vanilla-sugar/

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