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  • Bananas and sweet dulce de leche are a wonderful combination in just about any dessert, but the Dulce de Leche Banana Bars that Bakers Royal made recently take that combination over the top, in a good way. These bars start out with a layer of graham cracker crust that is topped with salted pecans, crushed up vanilla Oreo cookies and lots of sliced banana. A mixture of dulce de leche and sweetened condensed milk is poured over the top and the bars are baked until they’re set, much like Magic Bars. The vanilla cookies add a cookies n’ cream flavor without adding any chocolate, so the banana and caramel flavors in the rest of the bar stand out. Finally, the bars are topped with toasted marshmallows before they are served.
  • A heart shaped cookie cutter is a nice tool to use when making cookies for a loved one, especially if those cookies happen to be made for a Valentine’s Day treat. The Little Epicurean‘s Honey Lemon Valentine’s Cookies are not only baked in a heart shape, but have an absolutely lovely (and easy to make) pink and white swirl of frosting topping them off. The cookies themselves are flavored with lemon and honey, both of which go well with the buttery cookie dough and make for a nice change of pace from plainer vanilla cookies. The icing technique is easy to reproduce and the swirled effect is one that you’ll want to reproduce with other recipes, too.
  • I’ve been know to make Red Velvet Pancakes for breakfast around Valentine’s Day to infuse a little of the holiday spirit into my food, and the Red Velvet Crepes from Tidy Mom follow along the same lines of inspiration. The crepes have a dash of cocoa powder and just enough red food coloring to tint them a beautiful shade of red velvet. They’re stuffed with raspberry jam, a decadent cream cheese filling and – as if that weren’t enough – they’re drizzled with Nutella before serving. They’re easier to make than they look and certainly a delicious way to start any morning, but they’re especially good for celebrating Valentine’s Day.
  • You may not be the biggest fan of gelatin desserts, but you have to admit that the Valentine’s Jello Hearts that are posted at The Hungry Housewife are simply stunning to look at, like pieces of stained glass with a Valentine’s Day theme to them. The jewel-like squares start out with a firm strawberry Jello that is cut into heart shapes and placed in a larger pan. Sweetened condensed milk is combined with unflavored gelatin and poured over the strawberry hearts. When the gelatin sets, you are left with bright red hearts set into a sweet, white backdrop. They can be cut into individual squares for serving. It is a simple dessert that packs a huge impact, and is sure to be a hit with adults and kids alike.
  • Every once in a while, in a restaurant, I get served sugar cubes alongside my tea or coffee that are too cute to pass up, formed into the shape of hearts or other small designs. Princess Misia Recipes shows us how to DIY your own Love Sugar Cubes and make these treats at home. The cubes are simple to make: add water and some food coloring to a bit of sugar, then press them into a mold to set. You will need some small heart-shaped silicone molds for best results, but the results are so sweet that they’ll be impossible to resist.

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