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Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

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Sharp Act Knife Sharpener
Kids of all ages are fascinated by magic and magicians. While the simple tricks, such as pulling a continuous row of handkerchiefs out of your sleeve, may not be all that impressive, there are some tricks that never go out of style. One of these tricks is the old “sawing a woman in half” trick, where the magician’s assistant is placed inside of a wooden box and sawed in half – only to emerge moments later, completely unscathed. Fred’s Sharp Act Knife Sharpener is a very clever play on this classic trick, recreating the magician’s magic box in the form of a kitchen-sized knife sharpener! The sharpener is just over 8-inches long and about 2 1/2-inches wide. It is made of plastic with a stone knife-grinding surface hidden inside, just where the magician would typically make his first “cut” during a performance. It will only take a few swipes to fine-tune your blade before you need to use it. This box comes complete with an assistant, who will emerge unscathed no matter how many times you perform your “magic act.”

It is important to keep all your knives nicely sharpened. Not only to sharp knifes make your job in the kitchen easier, whether you are chopping carrots or slicing a cake, but they also make it safer. A sharp knife is much less likely than a dull one to slip off course and nick your finger. And if you’re going to have a knife sharpener, it might as well be one with some style to it!

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