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Chicago Metallic Stuffed Delights Cookie Pan

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Chicago Metallic Stuffed Delights Cookie Pan

Whoopie pies and other sandwich cookies are always fun to make and eat. This is especially true of bite-sized sandwich cookies, where the small size of the dessert makes it a little bit cuter and, somehow, a little bit more tempting than a full size cookie. The most difficult part of getting those bite sized treats to come out just right is getting the size of the cookie down so that all your sandwich halves match up. I’ve used Mini Whoopie Pie Pans before with good results, but whoopie pie fans will know that the one additional problem with this type of dessert is getting the right amount of filling inbetween the cookie layers. Often, the filling will squirt out the sides when you go to take a bite, and it might even start to ooze out before the treat makes it to your mouth if it is a soft filling.

Chicago Metallic’s Stuffed Delights Cookie Pan is designed to make these tiny treats a whole lot better by improving their design. This lets you bake 20 mini cookie rounds in a heavy duty, nonstick pan. Each of those rounds has a deep indentation on one side and, when your cookies have all baked, you sandwich the cookies with the indented sides together so that you get twice as much room for filling in your sandwiches. It’s a neat trick and you won’t be able to get the same results just by piping your cookie dough onto a regular baking sheet. The enlarged cavity gives you a lot of options, so you can experiment with multiple filling flavors and even stuff those cookies with scoops of ice cream in the summertime.

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  • melgar
    April 28, 2014

    just wanna ask if this Chicago Metallic Stuffed Delights Cookie Pan can be use by making macaroons.
    thank you

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