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Fresh Picked Baking Cups

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Fresh Picked Baking Cups

Strawberries and other berries come packed in cartons when you buy them at the farmers’ market. The containers are square and tend to be very distinctive, so that even when they are empty, they will make you think of fresh berries. Fred has introduced a set of Fresh Picked Baking Cups that captures the design of those classic cartons in a piece of silicone bakeware that you can fill up with berry muffins, cakes and other berry-filled baked goods!

The muffin cups are made of food-safe silicone in a light teal color that is often seen in berry cartons. They measure 2.5-inches square and 2-inches deep, which is approximately the same size as a standard muffin cup. Any recipe can be adapted to bake in these cups, which will stand up on their own on a baking sheet, so you don’t need any additional bakeware to use them. They are dishwasher safe, for easy cleanup, and you can use them to display berries on your countertop when they are not in use. The baking cups are sold in sets of four, just enough for baking up a small batch of muffins for a quiet Sunday brunch. If you’re looking to serve a crowd, however, you might want to consider stocking up with more than one set.

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