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Kitchen Tool Snowflake Ornaments

Kitchen Tool Snowflake Ornaments

I love to decorate for the holidays – and I don’t just limit myself to traditional decorations. This often means bringing a lot of color into my kitchen and into my baked goods, with batches of Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies and Christmas Swirled Snowball Cookies. I also like to bring elements of my kitchen into my holiday decorations by picking out ornaments, nutcrackers and other holiday goodies that have a foodie theme to them. This set of Kitchen Tool Snowflake Ornaments is a fantastic gift for someone who loves to cook (whether it is you or someone else!) around the holidays. The set includes four ornaments, each made up of kitchen tool silhouettes that are arranged into snowflakes. Bakers in particular will really love the rolling pin and eggbeater ornaments. The pizza cutter ornament has a really unique shape – and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a snowflake out there that looked like it! The final ornament features a repeating fork and spoon pattern that everyone can enjoy.

The 3-inch diameter ornaments are made of wood and have a white tone to them. The lightweight material makes them suitable for hanging almost anywhere, from a holiday wreath to a tree branch to a window display. They’re sold as a set of four and, while they’re great together, you could even break up the set and use them to accessorize individual gifts, making your gift wrapping a lot more memorable.

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