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Wilton Holiday Lightbulb Cookie Pan

Wilton Holiday Lights Cookie Pan

Twinkling holiday lights are one of the best parts of the Christmas season. I’ve used them as inspiration for my holiday baking before, when I made an amazing Christmas Lights Cake as a Christmas dessert, but another option is to pick up Wilton’s Lightbulb Cookie Pan, which offers an easy way to bring some of that twinkle into your kitchen.

The pan bakes 12 lightbulb shaped cookies that are large versions of the lights that you’ll see on Christmas trees. To make the cookies, simply press the dough of your choice (the pan comes with recipes on the back) into the cavities and bake. The pan is nonstick and buttery cookie dough will slide out easily after the cookies have baked. The cavities are nearly a half inch deep, so the cookies are substantial enough that they can hold up to a thick layer of icing that will give them a pop of holiday color. Royal icing is going to give your cookies the smoothest finished look and will be sturdy enough that your cookies will pack and ship well, in the event that you want to send them off as a holiday treat to friends and family, but you can also spread them with softer icing and top them with sprinkles if you are going to be enjoying them at home.

This pan really is a strictly seasonal item, but it doesn’t take up much room in the pantry and the finished cookies are adorable, so it is worth making space for if you do a lot of holiday baking!

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