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New Cookbooks Available for Pre-Order – Making Vegan Frozen Treats & How to Make Ice Cream!

New Cookbooks from Nicole: How to Make Ice Cream and Making Vegan Frozen Treats
Earlier this year, I had a new cookbook come out that was dedicated to frozen yogurt called How to Make Frozen Yogurt. The easy-to-use cookbook focused on the basic technique you need to make amazing frozen yogurt recipes at home, perfect for everyone who finds themselves running out to pick up a cup of their favorite froyo once or twice a week. I’m happy to announce that two new books from this same series are now available for preorder!

How to Make Ice Cream is a great basic book will all the information you need to start making homemade ice cream. There are more than 50 recipes in this book, with recipes that cover both the classic flavors that never go out of style and more contemporary flavors, such as Maple Bacon and Salted Caramel. The recipes include both american style ice cream bases that don’t need to be cooked before churning and the more custardy French-style bases, so you’ll get a great foundation in ice cream technique that you can use to create your own ice cream flavors, too.

Making Vegan Frozen Treats is all about cool, sweet nondairy desserts. The 50+ recipes include dairy-free ice creams, sorbets and ice pops, as well as recipes for several vegan baked goods that you can pair with your creations to make ice cream sandwiches and amazing sundaes. The “ice cream” recipes use a variety of nondairy milks, and you’ll learn about the pros and cons of each type, while many of the other recipes are fruit based. Each recipe is extremely flavorful and sure to be a hit with anyone you serve it to.

So put your preorders in for the books and add an ice cream maker to your holiday wish list! And in the meantime, you can pick up a copy of How to Make Frozen Yogurt to keep you busy until the spring, when these two new books will ship.

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