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West Bend Snowball Machine

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West Bend Snowball Machine

Few things are as refreshing as a snow cone on a hot day. The icy treat is designed to cool you down – and tantalize your tastebuds at the same time, since the finely shaved ice is drizzled with flavored syrups. Even the best syrups (and pure maple syrup is one of the easiest and most delicious to use) won’t do you much good if you aren’t starting with good ice and you’re going to need some help in the form of an ice shaving machine to get the right consistency. The West Bend Snowball Machine is a small, countertop appliance that shaves ice from large cubes down to a fine powder in just a few seconds. The machine takes up a little bit less room than a toaster, rising up just over a foot from your counter. To use it, simply fill the top drum with ice cubes and hit the start button. In about 30 seconds, the machine will have churned out more than 8-oz of finely shaved ice. You can shave the ice into the included bin, then scoop it out into a cup or glass as needed, or you can shave it directly into your serving container by removing the bin and placing the container underneath the shaver.

The shaved ice is great for making snow cones, but it can also be used to cool down your drinks on hot days or make the perfect tiki cocktail for an afternoon pool party. The machine can handle batch after batch, so as long as you have ice to start with, you can make as much as you need!

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