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  • The first day of fall is permission to move away from summer berries in your baking and move towards apples, pumpkin and warm spices. The Cozy Apron is kicking off the season with Old Mill Apple Cider Hush Puppies. The hush puppies are like a kind of donut. The batter is made with apple cider and includes lots of finely chopped apple. They’re fried, then rolled in cinnamon sugar for a bite sized treat that tastes like fall. Serve these for breakfast with maple syrup or for dessert with ice cream and powdered sugar.
  • Garlic Girl‘s Rustic Pumpkin Raisin Scones with Maple Drizzle are another good way to start off the season. Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and pumpkin puree give these scones their flavor, and they have a soft, moist texture. A little drizzle of maple glaze adds some extra sweetness, but the scones aren’t too sweet overall and can be served with butter, jam or more syrup when you’re ready to eat.
  • Cake batter, especially vanilla cake batter, has a distinctive flavor that brings us back to childhood. The Cake Batter Chocolate Bark that Brown Eyed Baker put together captures that flavor in a whole new format. The chocolate bark has two layers: a dark chocolate base layer and a white chocolate top layer. A few teaspoons of cake mix are incorporated into the white chocolate layer, giving it that cake flavor, and rainbow sprinkles finish off the look. Pack pieces of this up for a sweet birthday present!
  • If you like a big glass of milk with your cookies, the Ultimate Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies from Zesty South Indian Kitchen might be a perfect match. The cookies are moist and soft, with a good chocolate flavor that comes from cocoa powder and melted chocolate in the batter. The real secret ingredient here is the cream cheese, which gives the cookies their texture and keeps them nice and moist. They definitely should be served with milk, but you could also use them as the base for whoopie pies or ice cream sandwiches.
  • Hungry Happenings is getting into the Halloween spirit with these adorable Chocolate Snack Cake Bats. These spooky treats start with store bought chocolate cakes, which have a light chocolate coating on them. You pipe a set of bat wings with melted chocolate – and tempered chocolate will give you a shiny finish, though something like candy melts are foolproof and easy for kids to use – and press the cake into the center. When the wings set, decorate the cake with eyes and a mouth before serving.

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