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Square Shovel Measuring Spoons

Square Shovel Measuring Spoons

I wasn’t skilled at building sand castles when I was little, but I did have an awesome, brightly-colored, plastic shovel and bucket set that I happily used to transform sand into vaguely mountainous structures. This set of Square Measuring Spoons with Long Handles brings back those memories because they look just like that shovel set I had, even down to the shape of the scoops! They measure from 1/4-teaspoon up to 1-tablespoon, just like more traditional set of measuring spoons, but they’re all made from brightly colored, molded plastic and are bound together with a ring a the end.

As much as I like them and like to have fun little odds and ends in my home, they might not fit in with everyone’s idea of a chic kitchen.  In that case, you might want to consider a set of these for a kid who has expressed an interest in cooking or baking, as they’re definitely kid-friendly. Or, pair them with a Sandcastle Bundt Pan (for kids or even other adults) for an adorably themed gift.

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