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Pancakes for Halloween

Halloween pancakes and spatula

For years, I used to make Halloween-shaped pancakes every Halloween morning. When I didn’t have a mold to work with, I would make vaguely ghost-shaped pancakes, sometimes adding chocolate chips or raisins for eyes and mouth. If I did have a mold, pumpkins would be the order of the day (I also had a Mickey Mouse mold, but that’s a different story). As time went on, I lost my pancake-shaping tool and without it to remind me, my pancake tradition turned into just plain pancakes. If I had thought about it sooner, I would have picked up a set of Tricks and Treats pancake molds. Much fancier than the one I used to use, the set includes a jack o’lantern, a bat (my favorite) and a broom-mounted witch. The molds are nonstick, but with complex pancake designs, I wouldn’t want to take any chances with disfiguring my breakfast and would grease them lightly before use.

Not only do I like the molds, I love the pumpkin shaped spatula that matches them. Seasonal or not, that is something I would probably use year round.

Since the stores are probably anxious to put out their Christmas stuff already, I think I might just have to head to the store and see if I can pick of some Halloween baking tools on sale

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  • Alicia
    October 30, 2007

    Those are cute. I’ve been using my cookie cutters whenever I want shaped pancakes, but these would be so much better!

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