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Bake-in-Pie Spatula

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bakeinpie spatula!When I mentioned my new pie gate last week, commenter suzer pointed me over to another useful pie-baking accessory that I wasn’t really familiar with: the Bake-in-Pie Spatula. The spatula looks like a handle-less version of a regular pie spatula and is meant to be laid in the bottom of the pie dish before baking. Since the handle of the spatula extends over the edge of the pie plate, it is easy to keep track of where it is in the pie and, when it is time to serve, you can simply cut around the spatula and lift your slice out of the dish.

At first, this doesn’t seem all that different than relying on a traditional pie spatula, but the “bake-in” factor really does make a difference in the appearance of that first slice of pie. After all, the first slice is the most difficult to get out of the dish and is often slightly squished after the struggle to slide a normal pie spatula (or a knife) in underneath the pie crust to slide the slice out. I still can’t say that this is a “must have” gadget, but it certainly isn’t a bad idea if you find yourself baking a lot of pies and want to make serving them a little bit easier.

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  • Jennyfer
    January 8, 2008

    Yet another “why didn’t I think of that” gadget. I don’t need one, but I’d sure like one! 🙂

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