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Wilton Ugly Christmas Sweater Cake Pan

Wilton Ugly Christmas Sweater Cake Pan

Over the course of the past several years, ugly Christmas sweaters have transformed from the gift that you hide in the back of your closet until your sweet-but-not-up-on-current-trends-great-aunt comes to visit into a bold, fun fashion statement. There are even stores (lots of stores) devoted entirely to ugly Christmas sweaters. If you would like another way to show your appreciation for this particular trend, look no further than the Wilton Ugly Christmas Sweater Cake Pan. This sweater-shaped nonstick pan will allow you to bake a cake or a batch of brownies that can act as a blank canvas for all your ugly sweater ideas. Load it up with colorful frosting, create strings of lights out of gum drops, attempt to embroider on a reindeer with royal icing – anything you can think of should be tried, as there is no such thing as too much of an ugly sweater.

The pan holds one standard cake mix, and while you can easily use a homemade cake recipe in the pan, it might be a lot more fun to bake up multiple cake mix sweaters and let your friends and family decorate them at your next holiday gathering. I know that I’d rater make an ugly sweater than wear one, and a decorating contest could be the perfect way to get everyone to join in the fun.

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  • Christmas Sweaters
    November 19, 2015

    I love this cake pan. Perfect for ugly sweater parties!

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