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S-XL Cake Mold

sm-xl cake pan

That looks great. I’ll take a big piece.”
“I’m pretty full. Can I just have a sliver? No, even smaller than that, thanks.”
It can be difficult enough to cut a cake into neat slices without having to cater to the sizing whims of your audience. Enter the S-KL Cake Mold, created to make the process very cut and dry.

The pan was designed by Ding 3000 for a German company, Konstantin Slawinski. It is made of silicone, like so many of the interestingly shaped pans out there, and measures almost 12-inches across. Due to the varying heights throughout the pan, it should still hold the same amount of batter as a slightly smaller pan’s (9 or 10-inches) recipe. If you’re going to attempt to bake with it, keep in mind that different parts of the cake could cook at different times, so you might want to rotate the cake while baking and check the largest/deepest part of the cake with a tester before declaring it “done.”

The cake pan is currently available at Charles & Marie.

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