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Martha Stewart cupcake boxes

Martha Stewart cupcake boxesOne of the things I like best about buying cookies, cupcakes, donuts or other sweets from a bakery is the box that the food always comes in. It’s not that the (usually pink) cardboard is so fancy or elegant, just that you know immediately upon seeing it that it holds something tasty. It’s also something that an ordinary cake carrier can’t quite compete with.

Restaurant and baking supply stores usually carry the plain boxes if you want to track them down, but at the moment I really like these Martha Stewart cupcake boxes for something a little fancier. The boxes are sturdy and come with cupcake-holding trays to keep you cakes secure during transport – which is especially useful since the holiday season is approaching (I know because I saw some Christmas decorations out last weekend) and baked goods tend to travel a litter further than usual. The boxes also have clear viewing lids and each set comes with a cupcake recipe and cupcake liners.

If you’re planning on packing your cupcakes individually, Martha has individual cupcake boxes available, too. They’re just large enough to securely hold one cupcake (without too much frosting) in place without it getting tossed around too much in, for instance, a lunchbag.

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1 Comment
  • Natalie Brown
    December 7, 2010

    Good day,

    Im looking for cupcake boxes, ones that can fit 12 cupcakes inside?

    Please help

    Thank you

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