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Wilton Treat Pop Containers

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Wilton Treat Pops
If you ever ate a push up pop as a kid (or as an adult, for that matter), then you would instantly know what to do if someone handed you a treat pop. Treat pops are a variation on a cupcake, where layers of cake and frosting are packed together in a small plastic container and you simply push up on the stick at the bottom to deliver the delicious layers straight into your mouth.

When I first saw the idea of push pop cupcakes a few years ago, it was very difficult to get your hands on a push pop container so that you could make them at home. Not many places sold them, and they were marketed for ice cream more than cake. Additionally, cake pops became more popular than this style of cupcake treat, so the demand might not have been there at the outside. Now, however, Wilton is launching their own line of Treat Pop Containers (available with a stand and without) that easily let you make your own push up treat pops at home without struggling to find the supplies.

The treat pop containers are 7.25 in. high and 1.75 in. diameter, which means that the hold a generous amount of cake. They’re sold in sets of six, and each one comes with a cap so you can easily cover and transport your creations without worrying about losing any layers. The caps also double as stands, so you can use them to display your pops when you get to your destination. Unlike the pop containers used for push up popsicles, these are completely reusable and can be washed in the dishwasher, so you can use them over and over on multiple occasions and don’t need to buy set after set to play with the idea.

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