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Creative cake for a bbq

hot dog cakeWhen I first saw a picture of this undeniably creative hot dog cake, my first reaction was that it would be great to take to a barbecue or other cookout where real hot dogs are already on the menu. The cake is made by sculpting a pound cake into a hamburger bun shape and laying a generously frosted cake hot dog in the middle of it, to be topped with yellow icing “mustard” and gumdrop “onions” and “relish.” It looks oh-so-festive, doesn’t it?

My second reaction to this cake was one of mild disgust because the “hot dog” is made of Twinkies. Twinkies might be tasty (albeit unhealthy) snack cakes on their own, but the idea of a cream-filled hot dog – even one that is just made up to look like a hot dog – is just not appetizing.

Still, I’d definitely attempt this creation with homemade counterparts for a bbq. I’d start with a basic pound cake, carve out the bun, then shape the carved out portion into my “hot dog,” rather than adding Twinkies into the mix.

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