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SHF #10: Oh, Honey – A roundup? For me?

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who participated in this month’s Sugar High Friday. All 50 of them! Let’s see what we ended up with, shall we?

Kicking us off is the creator of Sugar High Fridays, Jennifer, with Bee-Nut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches.
Lashings of honey topped the Honeyed Oranges with Baked Sweet Ricotta that EatzyCath made.
The Baker contributed not one, but two honey treats: A Honey of a Honey Cake and Turrone.
Lori submitted her first ever SHF entry with a sticky, soft and crunchy Honey-Almond Crunch Cake.
Highlighting the theme ingredient, AugustusGloop brings us some wonderfully addictive Honey Snaps.
Piggy presents a simple and elegant Phyllo Nests with Nectarines and Honey – made and eaten in less than 30 minutes!
Not one, not two, but three great summer desserts were prepared by Ruth: Nectarine Tart with Honey and Pistachios, a Honey Cake and a Fruit Salad with Lavender Honey.
J was still thinking of tarts from last month’s theme and submitted a Fig & Honey Caramel Tart with Miel du Gatinais Parfait.
Michelle grilled up a summer treat with Grilled Honey Glazed Stone Fruit with Honeyed Mascarpone.
Elderflower and Champaigne Honey Flapjacks, using some unusual honey, were baked up by Dagmar.
boo_licious whipped up some Honey Mousse with Honey Mango Sauce.
Stephanie is a girl after my own heart with her S’mores Sunday featuring Graham Cracker Honey Ice Cream.
Amy topped her ice cream with Honey Orange Cinnamon Sauce.
Andrew‘s less than traditional presentation of Almond Tuilles with Honey Cream still tasted great.
First time participant Chris made an Apple Compote with Honey Caramel Sauce.
The Skinny Epicurean highlighted her hand gathered, gift-from-a-remote-tribe-in-Oman honey with her Honey and Roasted Cashew Blondies.
Ji‘s first SHF entry is simple and summery: Honey Basted Peaches with Mascarpone Cream.
Linda jumps on the bandwagon with Ginger~Honey Mangoes with Honey Mousse and Ginger~Honey tuilles.
Stephen walks the line between sweet and savory with his Fig, Goat Cheese, Rosemary and Honey Tart.
Goat cheese is also featured in Ann‘s Goat Cheese Mousse with Fig and Orange Compote in Honey Sauce.
Mrs. Happy Housewife whipped up her refreshing Parlez Vous Parfait, with Honey Almond Granola.
The Muffin Man made Fresh Cheese and Honey Tartlets, using a honey beer in the pastry!
Mika‘s Baklava Inspired Honey Gelato has me reaching for a spoon.
The Honey Butter Scrolls from Clare are what I’m having for breakfast soon.
Part Time Pro-Bono Baker‘s Honey Pistachio and Rum Palmiers balance the natural sweetness of honey with a good spalsh of rum.
Conny cooked up a batch of Honey Orange Yogurt and Granola.
Keiko is always inspiring with White chocolate and honey cream summer berry parfaits with lavender-scented meringues.
Celia‘s simple and delicious Honey Cake will have your co-workers clammoring for more!
Miss Maco‘s spicy Honey Cake is a refershing look at tradition.
Alice took advantage of some family resources to make her Grapefruit Raspberry Honey Jelly.
Cathy didn’t commit to a name and left us with some delightful looking Chai or Honey Ice Cream Zarah‘s presentation of Honey Glazed Cherries served in a Martini Glass would bring elegance to any summer party.
Get a double dose of honey with Megan‘s Star Anise Pinenut Tart.
Ajay serves up a sweet batch of Honey Banana Pancakes.
Eternal Sunshine Mousse and Sunburn Salve from McAuliflower is exactly what I want on a hot summer day.
Sweet, simple and quick is the mantra of the day with Christine‘s Honey Roasted Nectarine with Honey Ricotta.
Jennifer outdid herself with Triple Honey Cheesecake Cups with Honeyed Figs.
I learned the meaning of the word “scroggin” when I read Stef‘s post about GORP Balls.
Jeanne was sent spinning with delight by Lavender and Wildflower Honey Creme Brulee.
Niki finally found a great Dutch Honigkoek recipe, the perfect breakfast for winter in Melbourne.
Barbara‘s Breakfast on the Run would be a refreshing start to any day.
Ana contributed another one of her mother’s recipes, a typical, delicious Bolo de Mel.
Emily‘s beautifully named – and tasty – The Silk Road at Sunset dessert is a worthwhile effort.
Nupur has an easy and sweet Tropical Honeyed Banana Sundae.
Sometimes, when she’s not in the mood, she’s not in the mood. Liz learned to take no for an answer while she baked her Honey I Shouldn’t Have Cake.
How could anyone say no to Lyn‘s Honeyed Fig and Mascarpone Creme Brulee?
Carolyn takes us back over the history of her traditional Nougat Blanc.

Try out Becky‘s dessert version of anitalian hors d’oeuvre: Sweet Polenta Crostini with Mascarpone, Blackberries, Pistachios and Wildflower Honey

Emily just slipped in with her spur of the moment Honey Bunches.
Nicky conducted a honey tasting at a specialty shop, but is looking to others for culinary inspiration. I don’t think she’ll have any trouble with all these great entries!

Finally, we have the honey drizzled scones that made my SHF breakfast, in the photo above, and my attempt at reconstructing an Australian classic with my Homemade Violet Crumble.

Thanks for a great event, everyone!

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  • Anja
    September 24, 2008

    I know this is a little late, but props to you for putting all those links and text together. Now I’m of to looking at all the great entries 🙂

  • Anja
    September 24, 2008

    I know this is a little late, but props to you for putting all those links and text together. Now I’m of to looking at all the great entries 🙂

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