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  • If you like lemony desserts, then including limoncello from time to time is a natural progression from just using lemon juice. The liquor has its own unique flavor and can be a terrific addition to things like the Limoncello Pound Cake w/ Meyer Lemon Curd Filling & Goat Cheese, Thyme and Limoncello Icing that I breathe therefore I am… hungry baked up. This cake has several components that are all good on their own, but even better together. The cake itself is a pound cake with both lemon juice and limoncello in it, and the homemade lemon curd filling is also spiked with lemoncello. The glaze is the most unusual component because it includes goat cheese along with the lemon elements, but that creamy and slightly tangy cheese adds a subtle flavor that works beautifully with the lemon and provides a hint of savory balance to the cake.
  • Whisk and Whimsy‘s Yogurt Coffee Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze is just the type of recipe you’ll want to take to a holiday brunch. This is partly because the cake is a delicious one, but also because the beautiful cake is large and ideal for serving a big group of people – especially if some of those people might want seconds. Greek yogurt in the buttery cake batter keeps the cake moist and also adds a subtle tang, which contrasts nicely with the sweet streusel and glaze.
  • Melt in your mouth pecan sandies are a favorite cookie of many people, but Sing for Your Supper put a twist on the classic to make Coconut Pecan Sandies, which might be even better. This cookie dough is a slice and bake dough, so it can be prepared in advance and sliced whenever you’re in the mood for some freshly baked cookies. The cookies have cinnamon, pecans and lots of shredded coconut in them, so they have a great mix of flavors. They’re good for any occasion, but also make a lovely addition to a holiday cookie tray.
  • The Orange Scented Russian Teacakes that Carly Klock recently baked are another excellent holiday cookie option that is laced with pecans. These round cookies – also known as snowballs – have a very tender, shortbread-like texture. They have plenty of finely chopped pecans, as well as just enough orange zest to give them a good citrus flavor. They’re rolled in confectioners’ sugar after baking for some additional sweetness and to give them an attractive finished look.

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  • Hey Baking Bites! Thanks for the shout out on the Limoncello cake! I’m honored!

  • Connie
    December 15, 2011

    So sweet of you to share my Yogurt Coffee Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze! You rock!

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