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  • Even though it’s quite chilly outside, ice cream never really seems out of season. I’m still tempted by Annie’s Eats’ Malted Milk Whopper Ice Cream. The flavor of chocolate and malt is a winning combination in any form, but incorporating chunks of malted milk balls adds just enough of the familiar texture of those classic candies to take this ultra-creamy ice cream over the top.
  • One of the best things about food blogs is that you can learn about food traditions from all over the world. In Sweden, for instance, Anne’s Food is celebrating the holiday season with a Saffron Cake, since saffron is a Christmas time staple. The cake is actually quite simple to make and has a beautiful golden color to it. It is extremely buttery and rich, so a small slice will probably suit you, but that just means that there is more to share with friends and family when they drop in to visit.
  • Fresh kettle corn is one of the best snacks you can find at a fair. Still warm, the crispy, salty-sweet snack is just amazing. It’s also fun to watch them stir up a batch in giant kettles, but you can get the same flavor without the flair if you make it at home. Artisan Sweets‘s Kettle Corn has all the flavor and can be made without venturing outside the comfort of your kitchen – assuming you have some regular popcorn lying around that needs to be put to good use.
  • Culinary in the Country loves to experiment with new flavor combinations, and so I’m sure that dinner is never boring in Joe’s kitchen. It sounds like breakfast isn’t boring either, by the sound of his Fig and Walnut Sticky Buns. These sweet and gooey buns have a topping (which is actually baked on the bottom of the pan) of caramel laced with chopped figs and crispy walnuts. It’s a nice change of pace from more ordinary glazed cinnamon buns for a weekend morning.
  • If regular gingerbread seems a little boring, but you still like the idea of gingerbread men around the holidays, take a look at the Gingerbread Men Macarons at Tartelette. They’re shaped like gingerbread men, but they’re really giant macarons: chewy-crispy almond and egg white cookies sandwiching a buttercream filling. Traditional gingerbread spices have been added to both the macaron itself and the filling, but the look is at least as important as the flavor with these. After all, they’re almost too cute to eat!

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  • LAmonkeygirl
    December 18, 2008

    I’m really curious about all the recipes featuring malt that have been cropping up. Many of my recently acquired dessert cookbooks have malt, especially chocolate malt, in them. Hubs and I hadn’t had anything like that in a while, so we bought some Whoppers and were pleasantly surprised.

    Any idea, though, why the upswing in malt?

  • Adora FunnyGuy
    May 12, 2010

    Really cool post u have here. It would be nice to read more about that matter. Thnx for giving that material.

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