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Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Brownie Mix, reviewed

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Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Mix, reviewed (Brownie)

Made-in-the microwave mug cakes have been popular for several years, with a variety of cookbooks out there that allow you to make them from scratch, as well as plenty of blog posts that will tell you how to hack a cake mix into a microwaveable option. Microwave cakes are different from their baked counterparts, as they tend to have the texture of a steamed cake, rather than a baked one, but they offer a quick fix when your sweet tooth needs one – and without a lot of leftovers. Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 is a line of cake mixes that are specifically for mug cakes. Each package contains for individually portioned packets of mix for making for individual mug cakes.

Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Brownie Mix, reviewed

I picked up the Perfect Size for 1 Decadent Brownie mix to test it out. Once I opened the packet, I simply had to dump it into a mug and add water. I appreciated the fact that I didn’t need to measure out multiple ingredients or portion out a part of an egg – after all, this style of cake is supposed to be very easy. The batter “baked” up in less than a minute in my microwave. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t rise up very much from the batter stage, but that is to be expected with a brownie (rather than a cake mix). The dessert had a nice chocolate flavor and a very generous quantity of mini chocolate chips that made it seem even richer. That being said, the texture was not at all brownie-like. Instead, it was moist, fluffy and much more cake-like than I expected. It tasted best when it was warm and the mini chocolate chips were melty, but it was still acceptable after it had cooled.

Overall, it was tasty and, though it didn’t have the brownie-like denseness that I expected, it was still a tasty chocolate dessert that only took a minute to make. It was just as easy to make as a mug of hot chocolate and quicker than a from-scratch chocolate mug cake. It’s worth trying when you need a quick chocolate fix for one – especially if you have some ice cream or whipped cream to spoon on top of the still-warm chocolate brownie cake.

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  • Bruce
    July 14, 2017

    Try adding 10-12 grams of peanut butter powder. Same amount of water but make SURE you mix until it’s smooth. Follow instructions otherwise. Still cakey but the pb flavor will make you forget it.

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