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Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day: The Baking Bites Cookbook

Gift Idea for Mother’s Day: The Baking Bites Cookbook

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what could be a better gift for mom than a copy of The Baking Bites Cookbook? The book is packed with great recipes and plenty of full color photos that make each recipe look oh-so-delicious, and almost every recipe is exclusively in the cookbook, not on the blog. The only thing better than getting a copy for Mother’s Day would be baking something from the book ahead of time and giving your mom a fresh batch of cookies, scones or a cake to go along with the cookbook to give her a preview of what’s inside! The recipes are easy to make and use ingredients that you probably already have in the kitchen. You – or your mom, of course – can whip them up yourself or bring the kids in to give you a hand in the kitchen (or do they work for you if you’re the one being celebrated on Mother’s Day!).

As a special treat, each cookbook ordered between now and Mother’s Day, May 13th, will ship with free priority shipping in the US when you buy the book directly from me via PayPal. Simply select standard US shipping when checking out. There is a discount for orders of two or more – in case you have another other special mothers or grandmothers who might need a copy, as well, and US orders on multiple books will also include free priority shipping. The book can also be found on Amazon.com.

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  • al rank
    May 11, 2012

    Beautiful book, beautiful pictures, clear-cut directions, well-written and well-put together. Cannot go wrong as a gift for someone else or for your own collection. Very crisp appearance that rivals any baking book out there. And for this price, I would highly recommend it. Wonderful, unique, and diverse recipes for anyone and any occasion. Hope to see another Baking Bites book in the future.

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