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Jamaica-Infused Tequila Margaritas

Jamaica-Infused Tequila Margaritas

Margaritas are great drinks for a party and this particular recipe will turn a lot more heads than a traditional batch. These Jamaica-Infused Tequila Margaritas are made with my jamaica-infused tequila, which was inspired by one of my favorite types of agua fresca. The tequilas steeped with dried hibiscus flowers, which give it a unique flavor that is both sweet-tart and floral. The hibiscus needs a fairly generous hand with sugar to bring out some of the candied berry notes that are in it, but when you get the balance right, it’s very delicious.

Because the hibiscus-infused tequila is very potent, I used the infused tequila with an equal measure of reposado (aged) tequila in this margarita. I also added in fresh lime juice, triple sec and simple syrup. While I can be a little more generous with the triple sec in some margarita recipes, I used a light hand here to prevent the orange liqueur from competing with the hibiscus. The end result is a very refreshing margarita that is sweet, tart and floral, in addition to being absolutely stunning to look at. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser!

While this recipe is for one cocktail, you can easily scale it up and fill a pitcher with the base mixture, then generously add ice to chill it before serving. The dilution from the ice – which is achieved simply by shaking the cocktail if you’re just making one drink – opens up the flavors in the margarita and helps everything blend together smoothly. You can salt the rim if you’d like, but I prefer these as-is.

Jamaica-Infused Tequila Margarita
1 oz Jamaica-infused tequila
1 oz reposado tequila
1 oz lime juice
1/4 oz triple sec
3/4 oz simple syrup

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake vigorously until well-chilled. Strain into a double rocks glass filled with ice and garnish with a lime wedge.

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