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Baking Bites for Craftsy: Baked Churros

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Baking Bites for Craftsy: Baked Churros

I find churros to be just about irresistible, especially when they are served with a chocolate dipping sauce. Churros are typically deep fried, but did you know it is possible to make a baked version of this popular pastry? Over on the Craftsy blog (it’s free!!), I’m sharing a recipe for Baked Churros. They’re made with a choux pastry and baked in the oven until crisp, then rolled in a coating that gives them a perfect cinnamon-sugar finish. I know that I don’t always like to deep fry things because of the mess that it makes in my kitchen, but it’s an added bonus that these are little bit lighter than your traditional churros, too. I know that if you love churros, these will be an instant hit.

The churros above are pictured with dulce de leche, which is a delicious alternative to chocolate sauce. The churros can be made in just about any size you want, but I find that shorter churros – about 5-inches long – were easier to work with and easier to serve. The recipe makes a fairly large batch, so invite some friends and family over to share.

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