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Vanilla Cupcake M&Ms, reviewed

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Vanilla Cupcake M&Ms, reviewed
M&Ms have been sharing seasonal colors and flavors for much longer than some brands, but they’re starting to get a lot more creative with the seasonal flavors that they’re packing up for us. One of their most recent launches is vanilla cupcake-flavored candy, an addition to their spring lineup this year. The Vanilla Cupcake M&Ms have a white chocolate center and come in pastel pink, yellow, green, blue and purple. The white chocolate is smooth, creamy and tastes remarkably like cake batter. They’re sweet enough that I’m not sure I could much my way through the whole bag without some assistance, but the candies completely deliver on the flavor promised on the outside of the bag. If you’ve ever had cake batter ice cream or licked the spatula after making a vanilla cake, this flavor is for you!

The M&Ms are slightly larger than a standard M&M, but in addition to being eating straight from the bag, they can also be used for baking and decorating desserts. On the packaging, there are several examples of the M&Ms being used to decorated Easter- and spring-themed cupcakes. Personally, I’d love to see them stirred into a sugar cookie dough along with some toasted nuts for a colorful holiday cookie option.

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