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What is Guava Paste?

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What is Guava Paste?

Guava paste is a type of jam made with guava and sugar. Guavas are naturally very high in pectin, so guava paste tends to be thick can be easily sliced with a spoon or a knife. The paste is very sweet and has a strong flavor of floral, tropical guavas. It can be used in desserts or served alongside cheese. It is very similar in consistency to quince paste, which is also an excellent accompaniment for cheese. Aside from a cheese board, there are many ways that guava paste can be used. The jelly can be cut into pieces and used as a filling for cookies or pastries. The firm jelly can also be melted and used like jam to top toast or bread. It can also be incorporated easily into cakes and bars as a filling when slightly liquid. Due to the high sugar content, it keeps very well in the fridge, but should be stored in an airtight container for longevity. Guava paste is not a great substitute for guava juice or guava puree, as it simply as far more sugar than either of those items.

Here are some wonderful baking recipes that use guava paste for inspiration:

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