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Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s, reviewed

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Jo-Jo's, reviewed
It is officially fall and that means that it is pumpkin season. Stores stock their shelves not only with canned pumpkin, an essential ingredient for fall baking, but with all manner of pumpkin-flavored products that we pumpkin-lovers can enjoy. One of these is Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s, a seasonal variation on the brand’s popular Joe Joe cookies. The cookies are pumkpin wafer cookies that are sandwiched together with a pumpkin spice filling, making a satisfyingly thick sandwich cookie for snacking or dunking in the beverage of your choice. The cookies have a strong spice smell as soon as you open the packaging. You’ll pick up cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, all of which go in to “pumpkin pie spice” mix, as well as the aroma of actual pumpkin. Unlike some pumpkin-flavored things, these cookies use both pumpkin puree and pumpkin powder (dehydrated pumpkin) to give the cookies a real pumpkin flavor.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Jo-Jo's, reviewed

The cookies have a generous amount of filling and taste like a very spicy pumpkin gingerbread cookie, with plenty of cinnamon and nutmeg to go along with the pumpkin flavor. The filling is a bit on the dry side and it squeezed out of the sides of the sandwich then crumbled when I took a bite. I attribute the texture of the filling – which is still soft enough to melt on your tongue – to the addition of spices and pumpkin. The cookies are good and pumpkin-spice fans will definitely enjoy them this season. The cookies can also be put to good use in recipes, making a seasonal twist on cookies n’ cream ice cream or providing a no-bake pie crust for a fall-flavored pie.

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