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Bites from other BlogsSt Patrick’s Day is a holiday that is often celebrated with food, whether you’re serving up corned beef or enjoying a green beer. There are lots of wonderful baked goods to be seen around this holiday, as well, from Irish Stout Cake to Irish Soda Bread. Whatever you’re making, it’s sure to be delicious.

  • The Endless Meal baked up a batch of Shamrock Sugar Cookies that are topped with a green frosting that really gives the cookies a festive, colorful look. The frosting is tinted with homemade, all natural food coloring that is made from spinach, showing just how easy it can be do diy something like food coloring in the first place. The straightforward sugar cookies are buttery, tender and have a hint of vanilla to them. You’ll want a shamrock-shaped cutter for best results, but any cookie cutter will work if you’re prepared to get creative with the icing.
  • Lucky Charms are not an Irish food, despite having a leprechaun on the box, but the colorful marshmallows from the childhood favorite always make a strong showing around St Patrick’s Day. Pretty Plain JanesLucky Charms Cereal Cookies use cereal in a couple of different ways. Crushed cereal is added to the cookie dough and whole cereal bits are stirred in at the end for texture, along with marshmallows and white chocolate chips. The result is a batch of cookies that has a great cereal flavor and should bring you back to weekends watching Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of sugary goodness.
  • The Blondielocks also used Lucky Charms in a batch of Shamrock Bark. This easy to make chocolate treat is made with just two ingredients: Lucky Charms and White Chocolate. The white chocolate is melted and shaped into shamrocks using a cutter, then topped with cereal. The results are simple, colorful and very cute. The white chocolate manages to evoke the milk that the cereal is usually served with, so this combination works particularly well. You can also make a freeform bark if you don’t have a cutter on hand.
  • The Wooden Skillet went savory for this holiday with a batch of Cheesy Irish Soda Bread with Thyme and Rosemary. This loaf is absolutely packed with flavor – and lots of sharp cheddar cheese – but it is just as straightforward to make as any other soda bread you might have tried, so you know it will come together easily. This cheesy bread is perfect for serving with a stew or a roast any time of year.
  • Recipe Throwback: Everyone loves a mini dessert and it doesn’t get much cuter than these Mini St Patrick’s Day Ombre Cakes. The single-serving layer cakes have several layers that range from dark to light green, revealing a graduated color scheme when you take bite. They’re fun to serve and easier to make than you might think. This recipe uses a whoopie pie pan (although a sheet pan and a small cutter will also work!) to get those perfect circles easily. The technique can be used with other batters, so it might be worth investing in the pan so you can play around with it in the future, too.

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