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Peeps Filled Delights Triple Chocolate & Vanilla Caramel Brownie, reviewed

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Peeps Filled Delights Triple Chocolate & Vanilla Caramel, reviewed
Peeps are one of the most recognizable Easter candies out there – and that should be no surprise, since the marshmallowy treats have been around for decades. In recent years, we’ve seen a variety of colors and flavors be added to the Peeps lineup, including different shapes for holidays throughout the year. One new item I spotted this year are Peeps Filled Delights, which have a hidden filling inside of each fluffy marshmallow. I’ve always loved Peeps and, while I know the sweet marshmallow candies aren’t for everyone, I couldn’t resist giving them a try!

The Vanilla Caramel Brownie really does smell like brownie batter when you open the package. The white marshmallow chicks have a consistent shape and each one is dipped in a layer of chocolate to give them a firm base. When I bit in, I was surprised at how much caramel was packed into the center! It’s a soft caramel that melts in your mouth and blends nicely with the soft texture of the marshmallows. The caramel itself has a great flavor just the right touch of caramelized sugar to contrast with the other flavors in this Peep. This one won me over right away.

Peeps Filled Delights Triple Chocolate & Vanilla Caramel, reviewed

The Triple Chocolate gave me pause before opening the package, as many chocolate flavored candies – marshmallows included – have artificial chocolate flavoring in them. Happily, all the chocolate flavor in these comes from cocoa powder and chocolate! The Peeps had a chocolate aroma that reminded me of hot chocolate, a nice chocolate flavor and plenty of chocolate sauce in the center. Like the caramel sauce, the chocolate was soft without being runny and went well with the soft marshmallows. These would make great s’mores.

So, if you’re a Peeps fan, these are both worth checking out. They’re sweet, but so are plain Peeps, and the fillings are a tasty change of pace from the classic version.

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