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  • Chocolate covered matzoh is a favorite treat for many of my friends at Passover, but it is only recently that that particular candy has started to seem a little more exciting as people take it a little more gourmet. The Matzo Toffee with Fleur de Sel that Whisk and Whimsy made up is a good example. A layer of buttery homemade toffee is spread over the top of matzoh crackers and allowed to set up, then spread with a layer of melted chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. It delivers a lot of crunch, as well as a mouthwatering salty-sweet combination and a definitely upgrade from many versions of chocolate matzoh you’ve tried before.
  • Another salt-topped dessert comes from Stylish Cuisine, who baked up a batch of Salted Chocolate Caramel Cookie Bars. These rich bar cookies have a tender shortbread cookie base that is topped with a thick layer of chocolate caramel. The caramel is made from scratch with a generous amount of cream and quite a bit of chocolate. The caramel would actually be very tasty on its own, but when paired with a sprinkling of sea salt and the slightly crunchy shortbread crust, it is downright irresistible.
  • Cannoli are desserts that consist of a fried tube of pastry filled with a rich cream. They’re delicious, but anyone who really loves them will tell you that they’re only good when they’re freshly made. One way to ensure that your cannoli are fresh is to make your own. Vintage Mixer made some Homemade Cannoli with Mascarpone Cream that look even better than most bakery versions. The thin cannoli shells take a little bit of work when making the dough, and need to be formed around metal cannoli forms to get that perfect shape when they’re fried, but that first bite makes all the work worth it. If you’re not going to eat them right away, just make the shells and store then in an airtight container for a couple of days. Adding the filling at the last moment before serving will ensure that the shells stay crisp and fresh.
  • One way to get giant, bakery-style cookies at home is to bake your cookies in a muffin top pan rather than dropping the dough directly onto a baking sheet. This is exactly how Picky Palate got her Giant Peanut Butter Cup Marshmallow Cookies to look picture perfect. These cookies have marshmallow bits and mini chocolate chips in the dough and are finished off with the addition of several mini peanut butter cups. They’re decadent (partly because they’re so generously sized!) and very addictive. You can try the same technique with other cookie doughs when you want a thicker, perfectly round cookie, too.

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