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Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

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Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker
Are you a Star Wars fan? There isn’t a single fan out there who hasn’t imagined – even if for only a minute – what it would be like to be able to hold a real lightsaber. The closest you’re going to get in my kitchen is holding a popsicle from this Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker from Think Geek, a funky popsicle mold where all of the grips look just like light saber handles. As an added bonus, the lightsaber handles have LED lights built into them, so they actually light up when activated! The mold itself works like a traditional popsicle mold, where you pour sweetened juice or other liquids into plastic cavities, then secure the handles into place. After a few hours in the freezer, your pops will be ready to eat. These pops are probably not appropriate for sword fighting, but they look great and you definitely don’t need to use the force to enjoy them.

I recommend going for brightly colored popsicles that are semi transparent, like my Cherry Popsicles or Strawberry Margarita Popsicles, rather than pudding pops, so that your “lightsabers” are as vivid as the ones seen on the movies and you get the best effect from the LED lights. If you want to dress up a less colorful popsicle mixture, consider adding a few drops of food coloring to brighten it up.

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