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Cook’s Illustrated Rates Dry Goods Storage Containers

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Cook's Illustrated Rates Dry Goods Storage Containers
Dry storage containers are airtight containers that are designed to store flour, sugar and other dry goods, helping to keep them fresh and safe from both moisture and insects. Unlike your standard tupperware container, dry goods containers are large – usually large enough to hold several quarts – because you want them to hold at least a 5-lb bag of flour. Ideally, dry goods containers should also allow you to scoop directly from them, so they should also be open enough to allow a standard 1-cup measuring cup to fit inside. In a recent issue of Cook’s Illustrated (May/June 2016), the test kitchen put dry good storage containers to the test to see which ones deserved to be in your kitchen.

They looked for generously sized containers that were easy to use and store. Since flour and sugar can spill easily, they also looked for models that didn’t have too many hinges, grooves or other features that would trap stray ingredients. Finally, they washed and rewashed the containers to see how they held up and how long they took to dry (because you’ll want to restock as quickly as possible!).

The winner, with a “Highly Recommended” rating, was the Cambro 6-Quart Square Storage Container. The container could easily hold a full bag of flour, and it was both simple to use and clean. The flat-top design made storage easy, especially with multiple containers. Another “Highly Recommended” container was the Rubbermaid 6-Quart Space Saving Container, which was also very roomy and easy to work with. It got edged out by the Cambro model because it was very slightly rectangular -while the Cambro was square – and that meant that it took more than a glance to see which way the lid needed to be oriented when sealing the container back up. Also, the Rubbermaid lids are sold separately, which is handy when you need a replacement, but means you have to remember to order them at the same time!

“Recommended with Reservations” containers included the Rubbermaid 21 Cup Modular Container, ClickClack Cube Storange Container and OXO Good Grips POP Container, which all had minor drawbacks in ease of use or cleaning.

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