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Nordic Ware EZ Deco Icing Pen

Ez Deco Pen
It’s fun to top cupcakes with big swirls of frosting, but there are many times when you might want your baked goods to get a little more detail in their decorating. Piping small details or decorations onto cake with colored frosting can be a challenge, since pastry bags don’t always make it easy to get the fine level of detail that you might need – especially if you’re more of a casual cake decorator, as opposed to someone who does this all the time.

Fortunately, Nordic Ware’s EZ Deco Icing Pen seems designed to solve just this problem. The pen holds a small piping bag and allows you to pipe out frosting with the same level of control you would get with a regular pen. The tool has a compartment to hold the piping bag and you simply press a small lever as you work to control the flow of the frosting. It’s comfortable to hold, which means that you won’t tire your fingers out as you might with a traditional pastry bag, even if you’re working on a big cake or batch of cookies. It works both with stiff and slightly softer icings, and it is easy to change the pastry bag out so that you can work with different colors. The pen also comes with several different tips, so that you can get different textures in your details, too.

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  • Ronelle
    August 26, 2014

    Where can I buy a Nordic Ware EZ Deco Icing Pen in South Africa

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