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Isi Flex-It Measuring Cup Set, reviewed

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Isi Flex-It Measuring Cup Set, reviewed
Measuring cups are a staple in the kitchen, whether you do more dessert-making or savory cooking. My first sets of measuring cups were inherited from my grandparents and I still have several of those Pyrex pieces in my kitchen, but over the years I’ve always been looking for a better set. A great measuring cup set will be easy to fill and will measure accurately. It will also allow you to pour ingredients into a bowl (or other container) without spilling anything. I recently picked up the Isi Flex-It Measuring Cup Set and have found it checks a lot of my boxes.

The measuring cups are made of food-safe silicone and are completely flexible. They don’t have a built-in pour spout like some measuring cups; you create your own pour spout by gripping the measuring cup close to the opening and gently squeezing. While they are flexible, they are thick enough to feel sturdy while you’re handing them and grippy enough that you won’t feel like you’re going to drop them – even if they’re quite full. The silicone is heat resistant up to almost 500F, so you can fill them with hot liquids (gravy, hot milk for tempering eggs) and your hand will be insulated from the heat.

The way you can squeeze these to create a spout is pretty neat. It is so easy to do and I have not had any problems with liquid running down the sides of the cup – whether I’m pouring juice into a muffin batter or funneling a hot drink into an insulated travel cup with a narrow opening.

Isi Flex-It Measuring Cup Set, reviewed

The set comes with three measuring cups: 1 cup, 2 cup and 4 cup. All of the cups nest so that they don’t take up too much room inside your kitchen storage. The cups are safe for the microwave and dishwasher, and they hold up very well over time without discoloring or scratching. The cups are easy to read and I find that I can fill them quite accurately even without bending down to counter-level to compare the markings on the side of the cup with the liquid inside. I do think that the OXO measuring cups are a bit easier to fill up accurately, given that they have markings you can see from overhead, but there is no distortion in these cups (unlike my old Pyrex set).

All-in-all, this is a great set and much better than many that I’ve used over the years. I love the versatility of the silicone cups and appreciate how much sturdier they feel than, say, silicone muffin liners. You can’t beat the way you can form a pour spout of any size and they pour more accurately with less spillage (none, really) than any other measuring cups. These are now a fixture in my kitchen and I definitely recommend them if you find yourself looking for a better measuring cup option!

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