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Irish Cream Egg Cream

Irish Cream Egg Cream

The other day, I showed you how to make classic Chocolate Egg Cream at home. These soda fountain treats were all the rage back when the counter at the local pharmacy was the hottest spot in town to hang out – and they still have plenty of fans today. Despite the name, egg creams contain neither egg nor cream. They’re made with chocolate syrup, milk and a generous splash of soda water that gives them a delicious-looking, foamy head.

This Irish Cream Egg Cream is based on the original recipe, with a grown-up twist that makes this an excellent choice for celebrating St. Patrick’s day – or simply celebrating the end of a long day at work! The drink starts with chocolate sauce, milk and a generous dose of Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur. The recipe for my homemade chocolate sauce is on the original egg cream post, but you can also use commercial chocolate sauces, such as U-Bet. Combine these ingredients in a cocktail shaker with a generous scoop of ice and give it a very vigorous shake to combine. Then, pour the mixture into a glass and top with a splash of soda!

Traditionally, egg creams are stirred in the glass that they’re served in, not shaken in a cocktail shaker. This drink can be stirred, however the ingredients combine more quickly when shaken. Shaking everything together also creates a foamier head for the drink. Serve these immediately after making them with long straws. They have a nice balance of chocolate and Irish cream, making them just slightly sweet and oh-so-easy to drink.

Bailey's Irish Cream Egg Cream

Bailey’s Irish Cream Egg Cream
1 1/2 oz chocolate syrup
2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur
3 oz milk
approx 2-oz soda water

In a cocktail shaker, combine chocolate syrup, Irish cream and milk. Fill with ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Pour into a tall glass, straining out the ice, and top with 2 oz soda water. Serve immediately.

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  • Benny
    April 26, 2016

    My favourite drink!!!

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