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Wilton Skeleton Cake Pan

I have a couple of skeletons in my closet – literally – that I bring out for Halloween every year. Wilton’s Skeleton Cake Pan offers just one more way to bring a little spookiness into your Halloween party preparations. The pan is approximately 13-inches long and has a detailed skeleton imprinted onto the base. When a cake is baked in the pan, you can see the raised skeleton clearly after the cake has been turned out. The design is simple enough that all the detail from the bones will make it into your finished cake, but complex enough to be impressive. The pan is nonstick, which should help the cake pop out perfectly, however you can grease and flour the cake pan before adding your batter as extra insurance that the skeleton will release cleanly. The cake can be decorated with icing or dusted with confectioners’ sugar. I recommend outlining the skeleton in icing just to make it pop, even if you don’t frost the rest of the cake.

My Slasher Movie Cupcakes don’t require a specialty cake pan, if you are looking for a Halloween dessert that doesn’t require that you add a new pan to your collection. But if you do want to splurge on this (relatively inexpensive) fun pan, keep in mind that you can hid that skeleton under frosting and use it as a template for other characters.

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