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Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball

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Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball

An ice cream maker is must-have kitchen gadget for ice cream lovers who will use it year round to make many batches of homemade ice cream in flavors from fresh Strawberry to Cookies n’ Cream. An ice cream maker isn’t a staple for those who only eat ice cream occasionally, however, as it doesn’t make sense to devote a lot of pantry space to an appliance that is only going to get used a few times a year. But homemade ice cream is a wonderful thing and, if you can spare a little bit of space, it is worth getting one. One ice cream maker in particular is small, fun to use and takes up very little room – a Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball.

The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball doesn’t look like your typical ice cream maker.It has no plugs, no paddle to churn and requires no pre-freezing. Instead, you simply add ice and rock salt to one end of the ball, and pour your ice cream base into the compartment on the other side. Then you shake, toss, roll and move the ball around vigorously for 15-20 minutes. The movement of the ball churns your ice cream base and turns it into freshly churned ice cream! The ball comes in two sizes: Pint and Quart. The quart size gives you a little more ice cream, and will work well with most standard home ice cream recipes. I’d go for the larger size, unless you have kids who want to customize their flavors and might prefer the novelty of each having their own personal ice cream maker.

The ball isn’t going to be for everyone, especially since it takes a little effort on your part to get that ice cream churned! That said, it is a lot of fun to work with and will reliably turn out ice cream time and again. Kids will have a blast with it, and adults can justify any ice cream craving by thinking about the calories they’ll burn off playing with the ball to make a batch.

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  • sevenmarie
    July 3, 2012

    my friend has this and it is fun for picnics-you give it to the kids to wear them out and then everyone gets ice cream!

    not so fun if you just want to make some ice cream tho as it has to be hand rolled and the ice is really loud so it is somewhat hard to talk over

  • HPMC
    July 5, 2012

    I looked into buying one of these last year. There were far too many poor reviews for me to even consider it. The most helpful Amazon review (follow the link above) gives it one star and many good reason why. I’ll pass.

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