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Sweet and Savory Easter Brunch Recipes

Easter Cupcakes

After all of the Easter Eggs have been dyed and all of the chocolate bunnies have been passed out, one more tradition that many people follow on Easter is to have a big family Easter brunch. Brunch is a great way to celebrate with friends and family because there are so many options, both sweet and savory. Whether you’re hosting or merely bringing a single dish to a potluck event, here are a few egg-cellent Easter brunch recipe ideas to get your holiday started out on the right note:

  • Easter Egg Challah is one of my favorite Easter foods to make. The braided bread is topped with dyed eggs, so it is incredibly festive in addition to being delicious. It makes a nice centerpiece before serving, too!
  • Hot cross buns were an Easter staple for years, but seem to be slightly less popular these days in favor of sweeter or richer breads. Homemade Hot Cross Buns are still delicious and a nice addition to a brunch. The yeasted buns are tender and lightly spiced, and they go well with a variety of sweet and savory dishes.
  • A Cheesy Egg Casserole is a lot more elegant than it sounds and is always a hit with a crowd at brunch. The souffle-like egg dish is rich with cheese and perfect for serving a crowd. It can be prepared in advance and can be complimented by many different sides and toppings, from fresh herbs to salsa.

Easter Treats

  • A batch of Deviled Eggs is the perfect way to use up all of those hard boiled Easter eggs (which should be stored in the fridge if you’re using hard boiled eggs) and is always a nice brunch dish. I like mine served with a sprinkle of paprika, but they can be dressed up in any number of ways. For instance, you could put a squirt of Sriracha on top if you like them with a kick!
  • Sugary Marshmallow Peeps are an Easter staple for many and Peeps Cupcakes are definitely Peep-inspired. These vanilla cupcakes are topped with a marshmallow cream cheese frosting and decorated with colored sugars to give them that sugar-sanded look. Regular Peeps can serve as fun toppers. Chocolate Coconut Easter Cupcakes are another cupcake option, this time with a chocolate cake as the base. They’re topped off with green coconut “grass” and garnished with homemade chocolate bunnies.

Peep S'mores and PB Eggs

If those Easter baskets weren’t already full of chocolates, you can always thrown in a few homemade candies. Homemade Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs are easier than you might think. Sea Salt Caramels offer a more grown up option. And don’t forget that you can put Peeps and chocolate to good use by turning them into Peep S’mores if you have extra lying around after the holiday is over!

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  • Steve
    April 6, 2012

    Delicious! Love easter.

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