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Limited Edition S’mores Oreos, reviewed

Limited Edition S'mores Oreos, reviewed
A single look at the S’mores tag on Baking Bites will tell you that I’ve had a soft spot for s’mores and s’mores-related goodies. When I heard that Oreo was releasing a limited edition S’mores Oreo this summer, I kept my eyes peeled until I found it on store shelves (I found this box at Target) so that I could give them a try. The cookies are made with a graham cracker wafer cookie and have two flavors of filling in the center, giving them a look that is very much like a classic s’more.

Classic s’mores are made with graham crackers, milk chocolate and toasted marshmallows, where the marshmallows are hot enough to melt the chocolate and bind all the ingredients together. The cookies do remind me of s’mores, but they don’t quite capture the flavor of classic s’mores because the creme filling has more of a vanilla flavor than a marshmallow flavor and that makes quite a bit of difference in the overall flavor profile of the cookie. That being said, the graham cookies that replace the traditional chocolate wafers in these sandwich cookies are very tasty and really work well in the cookies. I wouldn’t mind seeing them used in other limited edition Oreos. For instance, combining the graham cookies with the lemon filling could result in a lemon meringue pie cookies that would be right up my alley!

Limited Edition S'mores Oreos, reviewed

Limited Edition S'mores Oreos, reviewed

These aren’t going to replace classic s’mores on any of my dessert menus this summer because I love the flavor of a toasted marshmallow, but they are quite tasty and they’re a nice change of pace from traditional Oreo cookies for s’mores fans. You can also use them in place of traditional Oreos in cookies n’ cream desserts to easily put a s’mores twist on them for the summer.

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  • Nancy Vysocka
    July 17, 2015

    Please do not let Nabisco discontinue S’mores coookies. I love them.

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