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The Dipr

The Dipr
One of my favorite after school snacks growing up was cookies and milk. I would dunk all kinds of cookies in milk, letting the milk soften part of the cookie so that I could get both the soft portion and the crispy/chewy portion in my mouth in one single bite. I would dunk cookies in cold milk during the summer and hot chocolate in the winter. Of course, I didn’t eat cookies and milk as a daily snack, but it was one that I really looked forward to. Oreos are one of the most iconic dipping cookies out there and they are excellent when served up with a cold glass of milk.

One of the problems with dipping your cookies is that your fingers get quite dirty while you dip. You end up with crumbs and milk all over them – things that didn’t bother me much when I was a kid, but do bother me these days. There is also the chance that the cookie will crumble and fall into the glass, if you’re not careful about how tightly you hold on. These problems are solved with The Dipr, a funky little tool that allows you to relive your favorite childhood snack without risking sticky fingers or the sandwich cookie crumbling into the milk because you gripped it too tightly. The plastic spoons have a vertical hook on one end that is just the right size for holding an Oreo, or another similarly sized sandwich cookie. With one in hand, you can easily dip your cookie without a single worry – and deliver it to your mouth for that first wonderful bite. It’s definitely a novelty, but it is one that will put a huge smile on your face every time you use it!

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