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Bites from other Blogs

  • Donut holes are small, round donuts that we tend to assume are made with the leftover dough when you cut out traditional ring donuts. And while this is the usual way to make donut holes, it isn’t the only way. Kitchen Konfidence cooked up a batch of donut holes in a recipe for Cinnamon Chile de Arbol Donut Holes. These bite-sized donuts are made with a light dough that is dropped in small rounds into hot oil, then rolled in a mixture of cinnamon, sugar and finely ground chiles. They’re sweet, spicy and addictive – and a bit easier to make than full sized donuts, too!
  • A poke cake is made by poking holes into a freshly baked cake and pouring a liquid mixture – often pudding or Jell-o – over the top to infuse the cake with flavor. They’re easy, fun cakes to make and often start with a cake mix as the base. There are many cake mixes out there to choose from and they can really be time savers in the kitchen when you need a cake on short notice. Self Proclaimed Foodie used a Trader Joe’s vanilla cake mix as the base for this Coconut Pudding Poke Cake. The tender cake is combined with a homemade coconut pudding for a dessert that is easy, but moist and full of tropical flavor.
  • Rhubarb is a great spring vegetable to work with, whether you like to combine it with fruits like cherries or raspberries, or you prefer to work with it on its own. Rhubarb lovers will enjoy Noms for the Poor‘s Rhubarb Crisp. The crisp uses only rhubarb as the base – along with sugar, of course – to highlight the crisp, sweet-tart flavor of the rhubarb. The base is topped generously with a brown sugar and oat streusel, which lends a nice sweet, crunchy layer to each bite. Serve this as-is, or top it with ice cream!
  • The S’mores Frappuccino is proving to be a very popular menu item at Starbucks this summer and with the recipe that I’ve shared over at Brewed Daily, you can make Homemade S’mores Frappuccinos easily in the comfort of your own kitchen. This drink combines a mocha base with real graham crackers, which bring in a deliciously nutty element to the drink. It is layered with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and marshmallow fluff, for a look that is similar to the layered look of a “real” s’more, but that you can easily sip through a straw.

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