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Elegant Party Bundt Pan

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Elegant Party Bundt

Bundt pans make some of the most visually impressive cakes out there, but the pans themselves are so pretty that there are people who collect them and simply display the pans, rather than baking in them. The new Elegant Party Bundt Pan from Nordic Ware is a pan that I can see ending up in the hands of collectors one day, thanks to its elegant shape and Art-Deco feel. The pan is made of heavy dutry cast alminum and has a 10-cup capacity, just like most other bundt pans. Thick ribs run all around the sides of the pan, creating valleys to catch drizzings of icing and marking the spots where you can make neat slices. The pan is simple compared to some other bundt pans, but it makes a beautiful cake. As is the case with other bundt pans, this has a nonstick interior. That said, I still always recommend greasing and flouring your bundt before using to ensure that every detail of the pan comes out cleanly so your cake will look picture perfect when you’re ready to serve it.

This pan will work with any bundt recipe, but I feel that it will go especially well with simple recipes, like Lemon Pound Cake or my Sauvignon Blanc Bundt Cake.

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